Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand

Josh"The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand
is a guitarist and band leader based in South Florida, born in New Jersey in 1983, he has been playing professionally for over twenty years. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist and vocalist he is well versed in many other instruments and is a song writer as well.

  He has prominently led his own group on the festival circuit from the Florida Keys to Canada. His hope is to continue to grow as a musician and travel the world sharing his brand of blues.

 Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand is an electrifying master of his guitar as he allows his guitars to come alive and speak to his audience with his energized soulful rendition of the blues. 

Josh is a performer, a guitarist, a singer, a songwriter ....
 ... Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand is a true artist and entertainer!   

In August 2016, he won the South Florida Blues Society(SFBS) Solo Artist and will now go on to the International Blues Challenge this coming January 2017 in Memphis, TN.

  He also won the Southwest Florida Blues Society (SWFBS)Solo Artist Blues Challenge in August 2015 and went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Jan 2016 were he was a semi finilest; and he won the 2012Treasure Coast Blues Society (TCBS) Solo Artist Blues Challenge and competed in the  2013International Blues Challenge as a solo artist as the representative for TCBS.  

Josh, along with his band "The Pitbull of Blues Band", is a regular on the festival circuit, having won a number of blues challenges and contests. Josh has been prowling the Southern US for the past 20 years.

   In the beginning at the age 12 Josh started on the bass guitar and was picked up as the bass player with the band "Outta d' blues".

   It did not take long for him to pick up a guitar and transition from bass player to a guitar player.

   By the age of 15 Josh placed third in the Guitar Center Regional Battle of the Blues Guitarists, beating out many older established players.
    Josh has since gone on to add accomplished slide guitarist, harmonica player, singer and songwriter to his musical resume. In addition he has been known to sit down behind a set of drums as well!

  He has won many blues challenges and has competed in the International Blues Challenge as a solo act and also with his band and place as a semi finalist in both band and solo.
    Josh penned two songs "Born to Boogie" and "Pitbull Boogie" 
(on the cd "Local Superstar" with a former band "Outta d'Blues")"Born to Boogie" was selected by the South Florida Blues Society to include in its "Best of the Blues" CD. 

    The Pitbull of Blues Band released their cd "Unleashed" with all songs on this cd penned by Josh Rowand. continued ... please scroll down for more

Below photo of Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand preforming with the Lee Boys at the Langerado Music Festival

  Over the years, he has had the opportunity to meet and perform with major blues players and preform at festivals from the Florida Keys to Canada. 

  He was invited to perform as a Harmonica player at several of the South Florida Blues Society's (S.F.B.S.) annual Harmonica Blow Out's and one year tore the roof down...literally. Josh was also invited to preform at many S.F.B.S Guitar Shoot Out's where he played as equals with many of the South Florida greats that included various IBC winners, W.C. Handy Nominee's and fellow musicians that he calls friends.
    Josh to date is the only person to perform at both the Guitar Shoot Out and Harmonica Blow off (he has been a part of these two showcases for many years running and is honored to do so).
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  He also can be found supporting the local South Florida music scene by judging regional blues challenges and hosting/co-hosting some of the local blues jams.

  Feel free to sign our guestbook and check out the pics/video page. There is even a video with the legendary Matt Guitar Murphy.

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Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand
is honored and proud to be:

The 2016 South Florida Blues Society
SOLO Blues Challenge 1st Place Winner
and the
2017 South Florida Blues Society

 International Blues Challenge Representative

The 2015 South West Florida Blues Society
SOLO Blues Challenge 1st Place Winner
and the
2016 South West Florida Blues Society

 International Blues Challenge Semi Finalist

The 2012 Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast
SOLO Blues Challenge 1st Place Winner
and the
2013 Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast

 International Blues Challenge Representative

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